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Bring in Remote Guests for Free

Add new dimensions to your production by going remote, professionally.


Advanced Remote Feeds

Bring in remote feeds into your livestream, from anywhere in the world. Instantanious feed, remote camera controls, 4k+ and 20 mbps+

(Limited only by your hardware)

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With powerful FREE software

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Built on P2P video

Serverless and relyable video transfer.

Limited only by your internet speed.

Open source for developers

View and edit code to improve this project.

Add custom functionality through plugins.

It has the best Director Controls

The best Director experience.

For the best Guest experience.

Control camera settings

Remotely adjust everything. ISO, Shutter, FOV, Resolution, etc...

Use preset options

Use preset rooms, themes, settings, and more.

Group your guests

Manage who can see who in a room.

Multiple rooms... easy

Transfer people between rooms effortlessly.

Send video to OBS

Bring clean solo-feeds and custom group feeds directly into OBS Studio.

Pre-produce guest slots

Make places for guests to fill-in before any people show up.

Fully style guest’s pages

Change colors, layouts, accessible tools, images, etc...

Anything you can imagine with plugins...

Community made functionality!

And all of this for FREE?

Oh Yaa!

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